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Relieve stress - release blockages - build up energy

medicine to feel good. You lie comfortably on the lounger, the music relaxes your mind and soul, while a gentle vibration and micro-massage releases your blockages and your energy balance and immune system are boosted.

8 forms of therapy combined in one session:

  • Music therapy for deep relaxation

  • Sound therapy in the infra, auditory and ultrasonic range

  • Micromassage for the whole organism

  • Magnetic resonance therapy

  • Vibration therapy to solve relaxation

  • Sound therapy with predefined frequencies

  • Relaxation therapy within minutes

  • Far infrared heats cells, skin, muscles, blood and lymph vessels


Get out of the stress

For dismantling:
Stress, blockages, toxins

To relieve:
Back, shoulder, neck, joint, headache, muscle pain, rheumatism, gout, stomach, intestinal and digestive disorders, depression, sleep disorders

30 min:  CHF 25.-
10 subscription (30 min):  CHF 200.-

Appointments by arrangement directly in our fitness center

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