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Life Fit Wadi, Rüti, Best Body Concept, Ever Project



Your starting shot into your new and fit life!


You have decided to become a Life Fit Athlete and take your life, your diet, your training and your mental fitness to a new level in the coming months. You have your goal in mind. Whether it's reducing body fat, building muscle, getting fitter or just getting stronger. These are all true and beautiful goals. But you always know if you're on the right track, if your training is bearing fruit or, in the worst case, if you're just wasting your time.

Sometimes it just doesn't go any further, the scales stand still and the muscle growth doesn't want to come. So what?

That's exactly why you're in the right place with us.

In our "Best Body Ever Project“ you have the opportunity to work with professionals on your goals and get the best out of yourself in the coming months.

We accompany you, support you, offer support for all questions and personally kick your ass during personal training.


The project "Best body ever“ is unique and is only carried out in this form with all its specials 3 times a year. (Start in January / April / September)


Register today, because the number of participants is limited to 10 people.

You won't regret it, because this is your chance to get the most out of yourself and make full use of our experience and know-how.


Life Fit Denise Romer


Denise is an enthusiastic kitesurfer and has organized and conducted kite camps worldwide in recent years.


Due to circumstances that have made traveling a little more awkward, she has set a new goal and dedicated herself to the field of fitness and nutrition.


As a certified hypnotherapist, fitness instructor and sports mental coach, she brings with her extensive knowledge to get you in top form in terms of nutrition, sport and mental health.

Life Fit Charis Petras


As the owner of Life Fit Rüti and Wädenswil, Charis is constantly on the go and tirelessly sprints back and forth between his two beloved studios to be there for his members.As a long-standing fitness instructor, personal trainer and his countless further training courses in the field of fitness and sport, he is familiar with almost all areas.


In the project he will push, praise and cheer on the challengers and put together the right training plans so that every participant can get the best out of themselves in just a few months.

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